aamra is the new name for Texas Group
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Monday, 06 December 2010 11:14
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Texas Group, a collection of 14 companies involved in the textile, ICT and lifestyle sectors has changed their name to “aamra”.

The Chairman of the newly named organization, Mr. Syed Faruque Ahmed, said, “aamra is the Bangla word for “we”. It recognises the power that partnership and cooperation has in achieving any goal. We believe that by harnessing the strength of togetherness with all our stakeholders, including our customers and partners, we will be able to surmount any obstacle in our path and scale new heights.”

Over the last 22 years Texas Group has strived to provide their customers with world-class products, solutions, services and support from its very inception. They have been pioneers in Bangladesh introducing many innovative products and services. They said that by working hand in hand with their clients and customers, they have been able to bring success and prosperity to both concerned.

Mr. Syed Farhad Ahmed Managing Director of the group said, “We believe our new name should reflect an allegiance to our roots and origin, as well as provide a reflection of our personal commitment to our core values”

Effective immediately, this change will be seen across all the companies within the group. Texas Group’s highly successful ISP business Global Online Services Limited for example will be called aamra networks limited from now on. Similarly, their company Texas Resources Limited will be called aamra resources limited.

The company emphasised that with this new branding it hopes to bring its customers, employees and the community closer together in working towards the ultimate goal of a stronger and more prosperous Bangladesh. They said they are committed to provide you high quality range of products and services, while ensuring the highest levels of ethical and moral standards.